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When it comes to vanities, in general, we speaking about 2 different kinds and options :


Prefab Vanities

Prefab vanities come put together and ready to install. These vanities typically offer you a pre-selected handful of vanity base colors and stains, countertop materials, sinks, and hardware finishes. You select your choices and the vanity gets built by the manufacturer and shipped to your home ready to install.


Prefab vanities come in standard vanity sizes: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72", and some sites offer larger sizes such as 80" and 90".


Most bathrooms can be designed around a prefab vanity so you can maximize your budget by not having to pay for a custom vanity.

People sometimes frown upon prefab vanities (mostly because they have seen or used ones that are super cheap!) but there are lots of high-quality

For prefab :


Or you can google "Vanity store near me", and you will be able to find prefab vanities on stores.

Custom Vanities

Custom vanities include any vanity that is custom-made for your bathroom, you build the configuration you want and the countertop you like to have.

For example: if you have 72" space for vanity, you can choose a 36" sink base X 2 so it will be 72" in total.

Or, since it's custom, you can do a 30" sink base for the sink X 12" drawers in the middle X 30" another sink base, so it will be again 72" in total.


These vanities are typically broken up into 4 parts that need to be purchased separately and built on site.


The parts of vanity include:

1. The vanity base - the door style you like, the color, and the configuration.

2. The countertop & backsplash - 

3. The sink

4. The hardware (knobs & pulls)


The labor to put together a custom vanity includes:

1. Installing the vanity base in your bathroom & installing hardware --> Contractor/Carpenter (we always include it)

2. Fabricating a countertop and backsplash and installing it on top of the vanity base --> Stone Fabricator (you can use our granite guy, usually we've not included it since we don't know if the customer will go prefab or not).

3. Installing sink & plumbing fixtures --> Plumber (we always include it)

If you like to get more info and see the quality\options\costs for custom, please call\text us in the group and we'll help you!


Thanks for submitting!

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