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Remodeling your home can be an expensive and stressful process.

We get it. We’ve been there. Questions pop up all the time.

Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help out however we can.

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How long have you been providing your services?

We have been proudly serving our customers with experience over 20 years.

Are you licensed professionals?

Yes, we are an A-class general contractor, licensed & insured for your protection​. We prioritize the safety of both our clients and staff.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, for each service we offer, we back our work up with high quality warranty to go along with it.

Does home remodeling cost a lot?

Our remodeling service costs may vary according to your needs and preferences. The only way to make sure that you are getting what you need is to hire a competent home remodeling contractor. When you hire us, we will make sure to provide you with accurate and honest calculations.

Should I hire a licensed contractor for my new construction needs?

Definitely. The need to hire a licensed and competent contractor should not be up for debate at all. It is highly important to make sure that you are entrusting your property to licensed experts. This way, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and professionally.

Why do I need to make sure a contractor has workers compensation & liability insurance?

While your home is being remodeled, you should insure the structure and its contents. If you don’t, then you could be exposed to certain risks that are out of your control, including fire and weather. When hiring a remodeling contractor, find out if they have workers compensation and ask to see a copy of the policy. Workers compensation pays for medical and rehabilitation expenses and covers lost wages if the workers sustain injuries on the job. You should also protect yourself by verifying that whoever is remodeling your home is carrying proper insurance coverage, which Paradise Remodeling is happy to provide before starting our projects.

How do you keep dirt and dust out of other parts of my home?

Although remodeling can be and often is very dusty and dirty, we take measures to reduce the mess while your project is under construction. We install plastic dust barriers and drop cloths to isolate the construction area as much as possible. We cover any HVAC registers in the work areas. We often incorporate “negative draft” practices to help further reduce the migration of dust to other areas throughout your home. The bottom line is that we are very sensitive about dust control and all of us are very conscientious. We will do what we can to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Can I select the specific products for the project?

Yes. We utilize our selection center to help with making key material choices such as cabinetry, tile, countertops & hardwood flooring. We also partner with local vendors and utilize their showrooms for other product selections.

Is there a difference between an estimate an a proposal?

Estimate: This is just that: a rough range of the costs that you’ll incur during your project. It will likely change as the design and your material selections are refined. This gives the client a better sense of how much they should set aside for their project before we move forward to nail down the exact specifications of their project. Proposal: This is a detailed price which is typically based on visits to our client’s home. It will include the exact design plans, labor and building material costs, and a detailed project scope. Our staff and our client’s will both sign off on this proposal before any work takes place.


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